Depending on the purpose of glasses ( driving a car , sun protection , correction of sight) , the nature of the work performed in them, we  provide you with the optimal solution in the form of material and type of lenses , frames  and available refining.

In our optician saloon,  we offer a wide selection of brand  companies like : RayBan , Maxmara , Gucci, Silhouette , Flair , Adidas, Armani , Jaguar , Biorn Borg , Timberland , The Cotton Club , Excite , ID – Tokyo, Joop , Liw Levant , Menrad , More & More , Paul Vadim , Roberto Cavali , s.Oliver , Sziols and others.

With the arrival of spring and the lengthening of day, we feel , more and more the need to protect against  the sun. Our vision should be  protected during  the whole year, but not all of us  are  fully aware  of it and reach for  glasses with tinted lenses no sooner than  during the spring and summer. It is  vital to remember , however, that even in  winter , our vision is exposed to  harmful effects of both ultraviolet radiation and excessive intensity of  visible light.

In order to ensure  comprehensive protection for  our eyes , during  exposition on a sunny day, we should have  lenses that protect against harmful UV radiation throughout its whole range ( UVA , UVB , UVC ) and depending on the circumstances of use – protection  against visible light . One should also mention the protection against infrared (IR ), to which we are particularly vulnerable during a stay in the mountains – a good protection against this type of radiation provide  mineral lenses.


Types of lenses

There are  two types of lenses that protect us against solar radiation – Photo-chromic ( phototropic) and stained .

Phototropic  lenses –have the property that in  rooms  and on cloudy days, they  are slightly coloured , while after exposure to UVA and visible light with shorter wavelengths – they darken . Lenses of this type can be corrective, anti-reflective and hardened  . They are available in two most common colours: brown and gray . Such glasses  are recommended for people who want to have some universal glasses for work, home and leisure time outdoors .

Tinted lenses are in the most common sunglasses, but also are available in  correction . However, unlike photo-chromic glasses, they have one fixed dimming intensity , which in varying degrees, absorbs light radiation .

Sunglasses in our Optician Saloon, they   are available in many colours and varying degrees of tint , provide  a hundred percent protection against  ultraviolet radiation.

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