Amsler test

Amsler test – allows you to make a sight  assessment  within the central retinal fovea . This test can be  performed by everybody on their own. We especially recommend it for people over 50 years of age because the  patients can , in this way , control sight themselves.

How to perform  Amsler test properly?

  • The test should be• If you use reading glasses – put them on .
  •  performed in a well -lit room, at a distance of 40 cm from the face.
  • Cover one eye and with  the other  look at the central point of the grid ( black square ) .
  • Focus your sight  only on the central point .
  • Without taking your  eyes from the  central point ( black square ) ,assess whether   all the lines that you see are straight lines, and  all the squares have the same dimension.
  • Perform the  test for each eye -separately.

If you notice  any  image defects , crooked lines or uneven squares, go  immediately to an ophthalmologist !!!
Specify exactly what kind of changes you have  noticed.


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