Correction of high astigmatism

Astigmatism correction can be performed by  surgical implantation of  toric lens during  cataract surgery or  simultaneous  performing corneal relaxation incision. It is also possible to apply preventive treatment  and fit contact lenses, soft or hard.

Astigmatism –  and soft contact lenses

Soft contact lenses can compensate  astigmatism in a fairly limited range, usually up to  -3 D. Of course ,there are  lenses ( which require a lot of work )that can be  adjusted  individually, even up to  -11 D cylindrical, but you can never achieve  better vision as with glasses . The reason for this is the need for  dynamic movement of the lens on the eye. During these movements, lens sways slightly, changing more or less, the axis of corrected astigmatism. Such drawbacks do not have  hard lenses. Manufactured currently hard contact lenses allow for correction of all defects of vision.


High astigmatism 

If astigmatism is higher  than 3 D, correction of the defect with glasses becomes difficult, and patients often do not achieve full vision. In such a situation, the ideal method is to use hard contact lenses, especially in children, where it allows for proper treatment of amblyopia.

Kind of examination
First examination
€ 45,00

Both eyes are examined

Consulting the prosthetist
€ 29,00

Consultation with Mr. Thorsten Meyer

Lenses fitting
Selection of lenses
€ 70,00

Both eyes are examined

Selection of soft lenses
€ 40,00

Both eyes are examined

Selection of soft toric lenses
€ 55,00

Both eyes are examined

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