Treatment of strabismus (squint eye)

Squint (strabismus Latin) is a condition that results in the non-parallel setting  of one or both eyes, which leads  to visual disturbances.
Before starting  the surgery , it is very important to correct the refractive defect very precisely . Once it is achieved, surgery  is performed under general anesthesia in one single day, which means that children do not have to remain on the ward and do not lose contact with their parents . Such a  system  significantly reduces unpleasant sensations  and feelings  in young   patients.

Kind of examination
First examination
€ 45,00

Both eyes are examined

Consulting the prosthetist
€ 29,00

Consultation with Mr. Thorsten Meyer

Surgery of squint in children - on one muscle
€ 499,00
Surgery of squint in children - on two muscles
€ 659,00
Surgery of squint in adults - on one muscle
€ 579,00
Surgery of squint in adults - on two muscles
€ 729,00

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