Secondary implants and fixation

For the correction of postoperative  aphakia, we   prepared an offer of secondary implants including  intra-sclera and intra-iris fixation. The latter is particularly noteworthy, since it allows to  implant foldable lens from a small cut, such as for cataract surgery. Suturing   of the lens into the iris is carried out .The  lens is placed in the posterior chamber of the eye, like in standard cataract surgery.. This treatment reduces postoperative complications and astigmatism.

It is also possible to perform  iris plastic surgery, and even artificial implantation of artificial  iris into  the eye, which is especially important in cases of heavy photophobia.
For patients who do not have the lens implanted during cataract surgery, we  suggest  such an implantation, and in special cases if there is no proper support for the lens, we  recommend lens implantation with  suturing  it to the sclera or iris.

Intra-iris fixation has many advantages – it allows to perform  foldable lens implantation , and thus reduces the size of the cut, and reduces operation risk.  It also decreases  the size of postoperative astigmatism.

Secondary implants and fixation
Secondary foldable lens implant with transcleral fixation
€ 1269,00
Secondary foldable lens implant with iris fixation
€ 1169,00

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