Plastic surgery and reconstruction of conjunctival sac

Plastic surgery of the conjunctival sac:  in many diseases, there  is a   destruction of  eye conjunctiva. In the treatment of such  diseases , we apply mucosal transplantations , silicone plastics, and / or  hydroxphilic expanders

Plastic surgery
Entropion - eyelid entropion
from € 355,00
Ectropion - eyelid eversion
from € 426,00
Lazy T (setting plastic surgery of the lower eyelid and lacrimal point)
from € 475,00
Plastic surgery of eyelid with CO2 laser
from € 475,00
Eyelid plastic surgery – blepharochalasis of upper eyelid
from € 365,00
Eyelid plastic surgery – blepharochalasis of lower eyelid
from € 450,00
Eyelid reconstruction with skin transplant
from € 930,00
Eyelid reconstruction with rotary flakes
from € 710,00
Reconstruction of eyelid, transmural with cartilage transplant
from € 900,00
Eyelid reconstruction with mucosa transplant
from € 830,00
Yellow tufts (xanthelasma)
from € 116,00
Reconstruction surgery of conjunctival sac
from € 285,00
Reconstruction of conjunctival sac with mucosa transplant
from € 710,00

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