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Center of Eye Microsurgery OPTOMED was established in 1992 as a private clinic, which specializes in treatment of rare and difficult eye defects. Due to years of working with patients, we have gained experience and become a leading center in Poland in ophthalmology.

We offer diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases and defects. We assure appropriate selection and sale of :

  • Lenses :Baush & Lomb, Ciba Vision, Cooper Vision, Hecht, SynergEyes and others
  • Glasses : : RayBan, Maxmara, Gucci, Silhouette, Flair, Adidas, Armani, Jaguar, Bjorn Borg, Timberland, Cotton Club, Excite, ID-Tokyo, Joop,   Liw Lewant, Menrad, More & More, Paul Vadim, Roberto Cavali, s.Oliver, Sziols and others
  • Glasses for children : : Fisher Price, Centrostyle, Garfield, Julbo, Shrek and others.

As the first in Poland, we started using contact lenses, which were individually designed for keratoconus correction and  leveling of high astigmatism. In 1998, OPTOMED achieved Patent No P 329706, and implemented our own technique of contact lens selection. Up till today, we have been developing successfully our skills in lens selection, all the time improving the Patent and working on new ones.
We are also the center for ophthalmological diagnostics ,constantly developing facilities with modern diagnostic equipment and improving skills of our staff  by continuous trainings.

Apart from that, we keep developing microsurgery of eye. Besides our basic surgery of cataract and glaucoma, (in which we use latest techniques and materials ), we are working out pioneering and ,nowadays, most effective solutions in microsurgery of lachrymal ducts.

In treatment of cataract we apply special lenses, which ensure a better correction of existing earlier eye defect and improve eye vision both near and distance.

As one of the first, we have used implantation of mid-cornea rings, INTAX method, as well as inhibiting growth of keratoconus by Cross-linking ( X – linking ).

Additionally, we have implemented  bio-integrating orbital implant seals ( mobile eyeball prosthesis) , which are implanted into the orbit, even many years after eyeball loss. We also perform orbit reconstruction  and seal implantation in children when there is inborn lack of eyeball.

We offer squint correction both in children and adults, plastic surgery, eyelid reconstruction and cancer surgery. Our services also include diagnostics of AMD ( age –related macular degeneration ), using SOCT ( optical coherent tomography) together with 3D presentation. We have implemented treatment of that disease with application of Lucentis intravitreally ( injection into eyeball ).

Full range of ophthalmic services


Establishment of the Eye Clinic of dr Piotr Jaworski at Andrzeja Square (near the railway station) in Katowice


OPTOMED® obtained Patent No. P329706, introducing its own technique of selecting contact lenses


Transfer of the Ophthalmological Cabinet of dr Piotr Jaworski to ul. Żwirki i Wigury 4


Construction of the current Ophthalmic Hospital Optomed in Chorzów


Completion of the construction of the Hospital in Chorzów and commissioning


Closing of the Ophthalmological Cabinet of dr Piotr Jaworski on ul. Żwirki i Wigury 4


Implementation of first treatment of strabismus treatment and amblyopia using the augmented reality of Vivid Vision in Poland and one of the first in Europe


Performing the first painless Cross-linking procedure - Megaride

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