Anti-glaukoma surgery

Glaucoma is a disease, in which there are disturbances in impaired outflow of aqueous humor from the eye , and that  causes increased pressure of  liquid   in the  eye. As a result, it influences on narrowing of visual field, decreasing eyesight and optic nerve damaging.

In case of optic nerve damaging, we suggest performing anti-glaucoma surgeries like trabeculectomy, phakotrabeculectomy, surgeries not perforating, and  using implants as well as laser .

If patients qualified for cataract surgery, suffer also from glaukoma , they may undergo both operations at the same time, and the anti glaukoma one is called trabeculectomy.

Such a procedure is called phacotrabeculectomy and consists in removing cataract, implanting a lens and creating an additional outlet of excessive liquid from inside the eye under conjunctiva. In this procedure the same incision is used and produced fistula lowers intraocular pressure, which allows to eliminate the need of using anti glaucoma drops.

Glaucoma surgeries
€ 1169,00
Non-penetrating trabeculectomy
€ 1119,00
€ 919,00
Implanting of Express mini shunt
€ 1169,00

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