Ptosis (dropping eyelid)

Ptosis (Latin ptosis) – dropping eyelid is a disease occurring especially in children, which  runs in families. It is caused by the  lack of  muscle innervation of the eyelids.
We offer the possibility of  ptosis. treatment  We operate virtually using  all surgical techniques during a  single day, which means that  children do not have to stay on the ward and can  keep in touch  with their parents. This system significantly reduces unpleasant sensations and stress in young  patients.

Surgery of dropped eyelid-ptosis
Ptosis surgery (suspending to forehead muscle)
from € 853,00
Ptosis surgery – shortening eyelid legator muscle
from € 600,00
Ptosis surgery – Fasanelli Servata
from € 600,00
Retraction surgery of upper eyelid
from € 890,00

General anasthesia

Retraction surgery of lower eyelid
from € 890,00

General anasthesia

Surgery of inserting a golden implant (in facial nerve palsy)
from € 925,00
from € 426,00

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