Specialist : Sports Glasses

At  our Center, the patient is offered efficient assistance in selecting and making specialist glasses for : cyclists, skiers, anglers, runners, swimmers, field and track runners, welders , and so on.

Sports glasses

Practising  any sport, whether it is a team game or an individual leisure activity  can be facilitated, and sometimes even just made possible by specialized sports  glasses. The most popular are those that protect the eyes against both the sun and against mechanical damage, as well as against the agents like water, sand and dust. Less known, but more and more wanted  are the glasses that combine  advantages of the first  with correction of vision defects.

Currently, depending on the type of sport practised, you can choose personalized glasses with a whole range of models and brands, with appropriate correction, design and properties. The most important element in our glasses are of course, the lens. They must be made of materials resistant to mechanical damage, but also  must provide excellent vision under different conditions. No less important than the lenses are the frames, which should  be comfortable, well-fitted , and at the same durable and safe.

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