Multifocal Glasses (progressive and bifocals)

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For people who want to live an active life and need a few pairs of glasses ,we recommend progressive glasses.

These glasses are very healthy for the eyes, very aesthetic –  there is no visible line between distance and near vision zone, and thanks to a special anti-reflection coating, they are perfectly transparent, with no reflections  and distortions.

Progressive glasses, which are applied  in them, are such lenses  in which the corrective power varies smoothly, depending on what part of the  lens is used by the eye. If the vision is directed to objects at a far  distance  from the patient,  eyes  use the upper part of the lens that provides  good vision,  whereas when looking at objects which are close,  the eye  is directed to the lower part of the lens, which ensures good  near vision. When looking at items at an average distance ,  the eyes  uses  the central area of the lens ( progression channel ).



In traditional bifocal glasses, we cannot see clearly objects at an average distance, but objects that are either close or at a far  distance , can be seen  clearly, and there is no need to remove the glasses. Such glasses, however, have an  ugly dividing line that can really disturb. When wearing them every day, the  often visible line between the vision center of  near and far vision  becomes such a nuisance  that patients prefer to use two pairs of glasses: for near and distance. This problem may be solved by  comfortable  progressive glasses.

We cooperate with the market producers of glasses like:

  • Essilor,
  • Hoya,
  • JZO,
  • Rodenstock,
  • Zeiss.

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