Lenses and beauty

Contact lenses allow you to  show fully  the  eyes, and there should be no problems with make-up , provided some rules are complied with.

Contact  lens  should be fixed  before doing  any make-up – not only can  you see better what you are doing , but there will be  no smudging with eye shadows  or mascara.


  • Most of them can be used, though it is recommended  to apply shadows  in cream rather than in powder



  • The only recommendation  is to avoid placing eye pencil    between the lines of  eye  lashes and  the eye, because it  may get into the eye and cause eye irritation and staining of the lens. As a matter of fact , in this area eye pencil should not be used at all  because it can result in blocking the outlets  of many small glands that secrete substances nourishing  lashes.


  • Avoid  heavy and fibrous types of mascara as they may decorticate on the eye – there are no other contraindications


  • When spraying your hair,  close your eyes till the substance gets on the hair.

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