Lens care

The lens is fitted as completely filled with a special liquid for lens care in such a way  that no air bubbles get under the  lens.
The lens is removed by gently ” pinching out” with your fingertips (not nails!), Which are located in the eye at 12  and 6 o`clock.
Adaptation to wearing  begins with   four hours per day, then lengthen each day by  1 hour. Full adaptation takes about one month, and is dependent on the sensitivity of individual patients.

Lense care:

  • For cleaning, use  Aosept preparation only
  • Use the manufacturer’s recommended fluids for contact lenses which have not passed their expiration date
  • Replace contact lenses so that  they  have not expired:
    • one-day contact lenses -every day,
    • two-week contact lenses- every 2 weeks,
    • monthly contact lenses -every month,
    • hard contact lenses- every two years, etc.
  • If the eye becomes “dry”, you  need to use moisturising  drops, but only those that are devoid of preservatives.
  • The container must be replaced at least once in every six months.

Final remarks:

  • Never use eye drops directly to the lens (except  special moisturizing drops)
  • Never sleep in a lens or walk in it when the eye is sick.
  • Do not use the lense if it is damaged
  • All doubts should be consulted with the physician dispensing eye lens.
  • Wymagana jest ścisła kontrola okulistyczna – pierwsza wizyta do 1 miesiąca, druga po trzech miesiącach, następne co 6 miesięcy chyba, że lekarz zaleci częściej!
  • W przypadku stosowania leków hormonalnych, zaburzeń hormonalnych, ciąży, okresu laktacji zasięgnij porady okulisty.
  • If there are problems with the acquisition of nursing care agents – please contact the clinic and  we will send it by post

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