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It is not easy to convince a little boy or girl  to wear glasses. It is difficult  to require from a six-year old  that they would  understood that this strange device on the  nose helps  in the proper development and a better perception of the surrounding world. In case of resistance, we should bear  in mind ,that we live in the world of television, and pre-school-aged children know a lot of cartoons, toy brands. Therefore, it will be easier to convince your child to wear glasses with their  favorite fairy tale character on them.

We offer glasses for  children of such  brands like : Fisher, Price, Centrostyle, Garfield Julbo, Shrek and others.


Vision problems in the child. What should worry the parents?

  • Too close sitting  in front of the TV or holding a book close to the eyes,
  • Losing place of reading,
  • Pointing the finger at  words while reading,  Squinting  the eyes
  • Tilting the head to see better,
  • Frequent eye rubbing,
  • Sensitivity to light,
  • Excessive tearing,
  • Closing one eye while watching TV or reading,
  • Avoiding  activities related to the close distance , like doing  homework or reading, or to a distance like  team games,
  • Complaining of headaches and eye aches
  • Avoiding computer games.
  • Worse grades at school



In the production of children’s frames, very good components like :titanium, stainless steel, and flexible materials are used. The ideal situation is when the hinges of glasses will allow your child to flex them as  widely as possible.  Particular attention should be paid  to the bridge. Children have small noses and too loose glasses will cause  discomfort. The material from which the frames  are made must  be light, hypoallergenic (you can not recommend children frames  with alloys containing nickel). Children should not wear frames with glass lenses because they are too dangerous.


Lenses for the child can be made of CR-39, refined with  suitable, improving  strength coatings. The ideal material for the lens for such  active customers as children are, is polycarbonate. The most resistant material against  destruction is Trivex or PNX. Recommended for children actively engaged in various sports and with  active lifestyle.

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